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What is your name and where do you come from?
Bartek, Leszno in Poland

How did you discover the music of THOT?
Well that’s a bit complicated. I always loved discovering new music and I’m still doing it, but back in 2010 or 2011 I was looking for bands similar to Nine Inch Nails. I’m a huge fan of almost everything Mr Reznor does and I love music which is similar to it, or have something in common. This way I discovered Wrocław-based band CO.IN.. Well now I see it is not so NINish I thought then, but I digged it a lot, listened to everything they’ve released, felt in true love with « Plan B » and then discovered they are no longer active, haha. But they started a new band called IdiotHead. Somehow I got in touch with them – now we know each other – and then I started looking forward to see them live. One of their very first shows was announced in Wrocław and Thot was a special guest (or maybe it was their very first show as IdiotHead? Don’t remember). I checked who the fuck is Thot, and BOOM! It was an instant love with « Obscured By The Wind ». So I checked Thot’s tour and noticed they play in Poznan one day before Wrocław’s gig with IdiotHead. Well… Leszno (where I’m from) is between Wrocław and Poznań, so it was an easy decision: I will go to both shows. That’s a bit shorten story but it was somehow like that.

What is your favorite release or song? Can you tell me why?
« Obscured By The Wind » in total. Every single song there is amazing, but my favourite is « Spellbound fields.« . It is a perfect song blending industrial, post-rock and metal sound & amazing emotions, which can be delivered only by such music.

Have you seen the band live? If yes, when and where?
Well, five times: 12 Feb 2012 in Poznań (with Zero Absolu), 13 Feb 2012 in Wrocław (with IdiotHead), 30 Sep 2015 in Wrocław (with Radical Notion), 29 Aug 2018 in Poznań (with Outbred) and 1 Sep 2018 in Wrocław (with Aviaries). Still not enough 🙂

Do you have a special anecdote you wanna share? A question to us?
My two first Thot shows’ are the perfect examples of my musical freakness. I went to Poznań to see them, then waited like 2 hours for last train to Leszno. I came back home with « Ortie » vinyl and other merch stuff at about 4:00 AM. I went to bed, slept a bit and woke up just to hit another train to Wrocław. After that show I… bought some more merch, and waited till morning in Wrocław for a train. Yup, I spent the night at the railway station in February. It was very cold, but I was crazy happy about two amazing shows I’ve seen. // Question? Hmm… do you think THOT can make an instrumental album in style of « Spellbound Fields » which will mix post rock with some industrial sounds and very unique Thot style?