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What is your name and where do you come from?
Marie, Brussels

How did you discover the music of THOT?
I first heard Thot on the radio. There was a show broadcasting some new music. I was impressed when they said it was a one-man-band (at the time, it was). Around the new year in 2006, I went to a free show in a bar, because a band I knew was playing. I don’t even remember the band… because there was also this young man with long hair dyed red, playing the guitar and squeezing some buttons while another put on some videos (I’m sorry I just remember it was cool, don’t know who it was at the time). I was with my partner (now ex), we bought the album « The huffed hue », it played alongside our favorite bands a very long time. I was craving for new music because it was so unique.

What is your favorite release or song? Can you tell me why?
At the time, Obscured by the wind had all it took. Maybe I have a bit of nostalgia but I think it’s still my favorite album. If I had to choose a song, it would change a lot, right now it’s Negative buildings (from The city that disappears) I am most touched by the urgency, that feeling that the song needed to be heard, that the story needed to be told, that absolute emergency of art. I find that in that album. Then I found every new release has had something more to add to it, like the best bands. THOT’s soul is always still there, with something more every time that adds to the recipe, and every time it’s like we approach perfection, but every time it gets better. With that said, the early songs are a delight and I’m really glad The Hills Mover and silent takes are there to get that raw feeling back to us. OK so that was not really what was asked but … got carried away

Have you seen the band live? If yes, when and where?
I have seen the band a few times, it is unclear. I remember the first encounter (see above), Fleuve release (I think?), … What I remember most is a show in november 2012 in Brussels where Gregoire lighted a candle for my daughter’s birthday because he knew when she was born … In 2011, she was born the night of a Thot’s show I absolutely wanted to see, but I could not because of that. Still, I have this feeling the band was with us because we obviously listened to some music while working to bring her into the world 😉 There was also another show which was really bizarre for me because it happened in a very dark place in my life, but still a great memory because it was so instrumental in taking my life back. What I would really like to do is go see THOT in another country, or maybe go on tour even though I don’t have strong arms (HELLO PICK ME) just to get the feeling of how it’s like to play in front of other people than those who live close to home and get to meet fans from far away.

Do you have a special anecdote you wanna share? A question to us?
Thot has been with me a very long time. I have the feeling it’s been like a friend (different from the people in the band themselves, like a separate entity), a friend who stayed through the good and bad and always could find me again. At first, I was the girl from the countryside who never cooked anything and had to learn to live alone in a big city, navigate a very special relationship, and find a path right for her. Thot was walking beside me. Then I was the working mom, still a student but not a child anymore, struggling with my mental health, and some illnesses, and trying to understand the wrongs in my life. Thot was beside me. Then I found a new life, I still struggle with some difficulties but I have found music again and Thot has been with me. The most beautiful thing is that I got to complete that sort of circle by singing with them and Constance Choir, when I always thought I was not good enough to make music even though I wanted so badly to. When I found the courage to stop waiting for others to give me permission to be an artist, I still found a hand extended to me, to help me accomplish my dreams. Of course it was Thot’s hand. And I hope there are a lot of other stories I can look back to in a few years regarding Thot. Thank you so much Gregoire and everyone involved.