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What is your name and where do you come from?
Matt, Brussels

How did you discover the music of THOT?
By Marie, and an acoustic set @ the Bizon IIRC, then proceed to buy The Huffed Hue

What is your favorite release or song? Can you tell me why?
Used to be Never Again Land, but nowadays it’s Fleuve as an album

Have you seen the band live? If yes, when and where?
Yes, a number of times Best memory is probably @ magasin 4, with the setup in the pit, into the neons, and the guest singer that was gorgeous and very nice 🙂Unfortunately I never saw Thot live… Pretty hard to move from sardinia for concerts. Now I am in Czech Republic so I hope to catch them here asap

Do you have a special anecdote you wanna share? A question to us?
Thanks Grégoire for making music 🙂 The shooting of The Parade of Trees and Citizen Pain was a really fucking nice experience !