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What is your name and where do you come from?
George – Pittsburgh, PA

How did you discover the music of THOT?
Myspace…I was probably looking for Dragonball Z « Vegeta » and stumbled upon THOT’s « vegetal noise music »

What is your favorite release or song? Can you tell me why?
« Ortie » off Obscured By Wind was the first THOT sound I heard back on Myspace all those years ago. It really grabbed me since I was (and still am) a huge fan of industrial metal. But I’d never heard anything quite like it’s glitchy, bouncy production. It still grabs me to this day.

Do you have a special anecdote you wanna share? A question to us?
Thanks Grégoire for making music 🙂 The shooting of The Parade of Trees and Citizen I honestly lost track of THOT for a few years until I moved a few years ago. I found a notebook that if used to write down my entire iTunes library before having to return my school laptop at the end of high school…and THOT – Obscured By Wind was on that list. I was hit with a tsunami of nostalgia and immediately looked THOT up on Spotify…luckily you were there! It was an amazing feeling to hear Ortie again and being transported back to that time in my life again. You guys are amazing and I’m so glad I found that notebook…as well as finding you on Myspace way back when. I can’t wait for what you have in store!