The DELTA Stories

Dear friends, 

These past months, we’ve been busy designing our band’s future. Despite the Covid 19 crisis and all the questions that it carries, our own answer lies in the word  “DELTA” – the name of our upcoming record. It’s been our aim, since THOT’s early days, to balance creating music that excites us with the inspiration we draw from the steadfast support of our curious listeners. Also, we don’t consider music as entertainment only. Music and art are eye-opening energies towards understanding ourselves and allowing our minds to devote to nothing but sound and sensations. That is why, today, we are inviting you to take part in a new journey with us, through exclusive, in-depth looks into the songwriting/recording process of “DELTA”, in which your voice will count. 

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As a subscriber, you’ll play an important part in the final product of DELTA. There’ll literally be a piece of you in the record and your monthly support will help us to create it. It is your choice how much you are willing and able to support the band by choosing one of the three tiers of subscription. Also, we will plant trees together! In Madagascar!

Knowing that you have dedicated to be here means you believe in what we do & in our music and that is, for us, completely priceless. We are looking forward to meet you as subscribers and embark on this journey with you.