OBSCURED BY THE WIND – 10 Years Anniversary –

Let’s remember March 2011, when we released Obscured by the Wind. Somehow, we drew the outlines of a singular audio/visual language, blending industrial-rock, post-rock and punk vibes into one solid statement which has been blooming along the years: vegetal noise music. March 2021 marks its 10th birthday and is therefore a month of celebration: vinyl release, anniversary merchandising, alongside an exclusive live audio/video performance. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for further announcements.

  • The vinyl release (for the first time) : A 200 pieces limited 12″ vinyl, coming with kraftpack cardboard gatefold, in 2 versions: GREEN SUN (100 copies) & WHITE SUN (100 copies).

Pre-orders start March, 5th on http://thot.bandcamp.com – (some bundles will be available)
On Friday 5th of March only – 15% off at checkout with the code OBTWX 
Each orders includes a ticket for the live audio/video performance – details below.

  • The live audio/video performance: A revisitation of some of Obscured by The Wind songs into very intimate versions. The lineup will consist of Grégoire Fray on piano, guitar and lead vocal, brand new member Lucie Le Fauconnier on guitar & vocal, and longtime collaborator & friend Catherine Graindorge on violin & soundscape – Please note that his performance will be filmed during Spring’s first full moon – 28th of March – and delivered early April.

Performance tickets pre-orders start March, 5th on http://thot.bandcamp.com
Ticket is included when ordering the vinyl release.

Anniversary merchandising : exclusive anniversary apparel available to order for one month only – it won’t be possible to find them afterwardsOrders start March, 5th on http://thot.bandcamp.com

Orders start March, 5th on http://thot.bandcamp.com

«Ready for something a little different? Thot describe themselves as Vegetal Noise Music.
I’d describe them as a more atmospheric Austerity Program with keyboards and more melodic singing. »
(Metalsucks.net, USA)

«Thot have crafted a work of exceptional intelligence and skill that has its sights set firmly on conquering the industrial world and, on albums of this quality you can’t help but feel they might succeed. There is beauty, honesty, ugliness
and truth all wrapped up in this twisted, monumental work of art.»
( sonicabuse.com, Uk)

«Po těchto dvou úvodních peckách přichází první vrchol desky v podobě sedmiminutové skladby Spellbound Fields, která jako by se nevešl a na The Fragile od NIN».
(nmnl.cz, Czech Republic)

«And off the record, Trent Reznor (NIN) could (or maybe should?) listen to the Thot’s LP to remember that he also used to make music on a decent level.» (Alternation.eu, Poland)

«Stunning industrial from Belgium (!), fierce, raw, desperate, hard sound in traditions of Nine Inch Nails (it isn’t like Rammstein or Oomph! However) »
(oneage.ru, Russia)

«We horen eigenlijk vooral een Belgische band die nog nooit zo dicht bij Nine Inch Nails kwam: het buldert en fluistert, krabt en aait en smaakt zowel naar chilipeper als aardbei. Maar met een eigen smoel die eigenlijk een samengestelde robotfoto is met de neus van Shining, de oren van Trent Reznor, de haren van Pleasure Forever, hun eigen bakkes en de lodderogen van Thom Yorke én dat is een compliment, dames en heren.»
(RifRaf NL, Belgium)

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