What Shall We Do Now? (Pink Floyd Cover)

“Do tour of the east, contract diseases”

These lyrics taken out of Pink Floyd’s powerful classic from « The Wall » Movie, “What Shall We Do Now?”, is the main reason why Grégoire Fray, brain of Belgian post-industrial/rock gang THOT, brought the whole collective into making this song their own, with a dark and passionate reinterpretation. Fray explains: “February 2020, I was back from a solo tour across the EU and was thinking of doing the same across Asia by the end of the year. A month later, we were all asked to stay home because of Covid19. Then I remembered this song that I heard for the first time when I was in high school, in the 1990’s. Yet, I was fascinated by the dramatic relevance of Roger Waters’ lyrics. Look where we are now. Do we always have to do something?”

What Shall We Do Now?” is set to be released October 18th, clearly announcing THOT‘s return, driven by several new fierce & original songs to be unleashed in the following months, including collaborations with singers of polyphonic ensemble “The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices”.

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